ZM's 5 on Time

Publish Date
Saturday, 8 June 2024, 9:00AM

You loved it so much we're bringing ZM's 5 on Time (aka the easiest payday of your life) back baby!

Count to 5 on the dot and walk away with some SERIOUS cash.


Ever stopped the microwave exactly on 1 second to go, or filled your tank up to exactly $50? It's finally time to score big with those perfect counting skills of yours.

Call 0800 DIAL ZM at 8AM, 12PM & 4PM WEEKDAYS to play.

We'll start the timer and all you've gotta do is say 'TIME' at exactly 5.00 seconds.

If you're like public transport and not on time, we'll keep playing until someone wins.

The prize pool starts at $5k and goes up $500 each time. 

Stop the clock, win the cash with ZM’s 5 On Time ⏰

✩ Play ZM & win big! ✩

Ts & Cs Apply.

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